Ég höfði lýt

Ég höfði lýt (I bow my Head) (Ich neig mein Haupt) is a christmas song that was first written for solo voice, strings and harp in 2003. Later it was scored for mixed and women's choir a cappella and those versions are here available. 

To purchase the score outside of Iceland,

please contact@hithorsteinsson.com

with the following information included:

1. What piece you would like to purchase?

2. How many copies do you need?

3. Do you need digital or printed copies?

4. If digital: who is the performer?

5. If printed: what is your shipment address?

The music is printed by a professional printing office,

on good quality paper. PayPal is the only payment method.

Printed copies:                                      Digital copies (50%):

10. copies: $85.00                                10. copies: $42.50

15. copies: $90.00                                15. copies: $45.00

20. copies: $95.00                               20. copies: $47.50

25. copies: $100.00                              25. copies: $50.00

etc.                                                          etc. 

----------------------------------                        -----------------------------

+ $35.00 shipment cost                        & no shipment cost

ThP 072 for mixed choir

ThP 074 for women's choir